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What is My IP Address? Find your IP!

IP, that means Internet Protocol!

The IP address is an identification number assigned to all devices connected to
a computer network, and therefore the Internet.
Depending on your configuration, it can be permanent (you always keep the same
IP address) or temporary (it may change with each connection).
Basically, the IP address is like a phone number, but for computers.
This website will give you your IP address to connect to the Internet.
This is the address the websites on which you can view and record surf to keep
track of your visit.

Your IP Address:

Host name:
Used port: 52344

Geographic information:
Country: United States (country code: US)
Region: California
City: San Diego
Latitude: 32.8072
Longitude: -117.1649

Additional information about your IP address (WHOIS):
All Internet IP addresses worldwide are attributed by 5 major regional registries.
There are roughly speaking a register by continent.
These records are available, so you can know who (or which company or Internet
service provider) was allocated each IP address.
Choose the register corresponding to the geographical area of your IP:

Test your IP address on one of five Regional Internet Registries:
  • RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens),
    that covers Europe and part of Asia, including the Middle East.
    Test your IP on RIPE
  • ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers),
    that covers Canada, the United States and the islands of the Caribbean and Atlantic.
  • APNIC (Asia-Pacific Network Information Center),
    that covers Asia (excluding the Middle East) and the Pacific.
  • LACNIC (Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre),
    that covers Latin America.
  • AfriNIC (Africa Network Information Centre),
    that covers Africa.